Removing the 'Dis' from 'Disabled'

Removing the 'Dis' from 'Disabled'

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Established in 2018, we develop cutting edge solutions to some of our most complex problems - Disability and Rehabilitation. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise in robotics, machine learning and motion capture, we design devices that would transform the current state-of-the-art in the rehabilitation and assistive technology arena.
Our magnum opus is a wearable robotic device, an exoskeleton, that would help people with lower-limb immobility walk again. A culmination of motorised limb braces, motion capturing & tracking; and machine learning; this device would transform rehabilitation into a precise, immediate treatment protocol.
Astrek is working towards a complete rehabilitation solution that includes Sit-Stand Training, Stair Training, Gait and Balance Training among others so that people facing mobility challenges become independent with higher self-confidence.

Our vision is to create a portfolio of advanced technology-enabled devices providing complete rehabilitation solutions for mobility challenges, helping people become independent with higher self-confidence. Our products are aimed at bridging the gap between common men and quality healthcare.
Our mission is to improve the equality of opportunity for specially-abled people and to improve their socio-economic inclusiveness. We are devoted to creating technological advancements that would make life easier for a community of people who are looked down on in terms of professional competence.

Advanced Robotics

We make use of the latest and best in robotics to provide efficient treatment to users.


Artificial Intelligence

Our products will be driven by a customisable, predictive system keeping the user engaged at all times.


Wearable Technology

Modular, compact and comfortable materials would be used to keep the user's mind focussed on the movements.


Data Driven

Training sessions would become a progress-driven activity with continuous data collection and analysis.




A unique motion transfer driven gait training device to be used in lower limb rehabilitation.

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Unik XO

Unik XO

A futuristic powered wearable robotic suit, also called a powered exoskeleton. Applications in both rehabilitation therapies and in assisted living.

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Sarah Cole

Robin K Thomas

CEO, Co-Founder

Sarah Cole

Alex M Sunny

Chief Technical Officer

Sarah Cole

Jithin Vidya Ajith

Chief Operations Officer

Sarah Cole

Sidharth Pattathari


Sarah Cole

Vishnu Sankar

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