Unik Exo

Unik Exo

Unik Exo is Astrek Innovations' flagship product that is designed to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation. It offers an effective solution for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and care providers to address mobility challenges in individuals with lower-limb disabilities. By harnessing the power of advanced robotics, machine learning, and motion capture technology, Unik Exo optimizes patient rehabilitation journeys, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes and increased profitability for healthcare facilities.

Sit, Stand, Walk

Unik Exo enables users to effortlessly transition between sitting, standing, and walking positions, facilitating a smooth and natural gait.

Exercise Mode

With tailored exercise programs, Unik Exo empowers users to engage in targeted rehabilitation exercises, enhancing mobility and strength.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Designed to optimize patient outcomes, Unik Exo delivers precise and immediate treatment protocols, leading to improved rehabilitation progress and overall well-being.

Compact & Portable

Despite its advanced functionality, Unik Exo is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy transportation and use in various settings.